Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 1987 Sonia King

See, what is to come,
wave goodbye to this world,
its' setting sun.
Sure as a new day begins again,
sure that, the Son will return again.
Soon, He'll come again.
Soon, He'll come again.

Waves, upon the golden shore,
one day, I'm certain that you will know
that all the coast lands, you flow to meet,
will be full of knowledge,
full of liberty,
When - He comes again.
When - He comes again.

Oceans reaching coast lands,
shores that are waiting for -
God's perfect Law - to cover
over, like waters of the ocean,
filling every part of earth,
reaching to the ends of the world,
with knowledge.

This world will be full of truth and love
and man will learn the meaning of
God's ways and will observe them, always.