Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 2003 Sonia King

Open up my eyes to see
just how good you are to me.
Let my heart be thankful and rejoice.
I shall answer when you call,
daily learn to love you more.
Help me grow in knowledge & in grace.

I belong to you Lord,
You have bought me - I am yours.
Nothing on earth can ever come between us.
I am yours and you're mine
and our love will last forever - for all time.
Open up my eyes to see, O lord.

Open up my eyes to see,
everything you mean to me.
Let me sing a new song and rejoice.
In your love and faithfulness,
hide me in the secret place.
Guide me through the strait & narrow way.

I belong to you Lord,
you have bought me, I am yours.
Nothing can part this love that
we are sharing.
You are kind and you're true
and your faithfulness endures
a lifetime through.
You are mine and I belong to you.