Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 2003 Sonia King

A light is shining in the darkness
of the night
until the morning when the
golden sun shall rise.
Until the dawning of tomorrow's sun.
Let us watch and pray and overcome.

And take heed my friends,
Hold fast to what you have;
- the golden shield of faith,
the Sword in your right hand.
Take your cross & come now follow me.
Deny yourselves & Sons of God you'll be.

Now - we're children of the light,
We're children of the day,
We're children of tomorrow.
Now - we learn to live (love) his way,
We learn to do the right,
We learn the truth and follow...  our tomorrow.

And so run the race,
let no one take your crown.
Sure as truth, we'll hear the trumpet sound.
When we rise as stars to shine that day,
then al pain and sorrow fades away.

(Repeat Chorus)