Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 1987 Sonia King

But now - thus saith the Lord
He who formed His people 'Israel'
Fear not, for I have redeemed you.
I have called you by My Name -
You are mine!

When you pass through fire or water
I will be with you - all the time
For I am the Lord God of Israel
and you are precious in my eyes.

I will bring your offspring from the east
and from the west you will be gathered.
I will say to the north and the south
Do not withhold - bring me my children.

Bring my sons - from afar
Bring my daughters and those who are
called by My Name for my glory
These I've formed and made - for my glory!

Bring forth all the blind
All the deaf - assemble!
Let them say 'it is true'
I am the Lord, their Saviour!

I am your Creator and King.
I made the way across the sea.
Before me, no other God was formed
Neither shall there ever be.

I am He who blots out your sins.
For my sake I'll not remember.
For I am the Lord God of Israel
And I am your only Saviour.

Repeat Chorus