Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 1987 Sonia King

The Spirit of God moved upon the waters,
The face of the earth, without form &
void.  Then God said "
let there be light"
- and there was.

In seven days, re-creation took place.
God changed the darkness into light.
God called it '
day' - the darkness was 'night'
Evening & morning passed away,
the first day.

Then God made all the waters divide.
Creating a firmament above.
God called it '
heaven' - we call it the 'sky'
Twenty-four hours passed away,
the second day.

Let the waters be gathered.
Let dry land arise!
Let the plants and the flowers bear seed
Vegetation and fruit trees grow.
According to their kinds.
Evening & morning made
day three,
in creation week.

the next day, the moon and sun
were set in the heavens to give light.
For seasons and years, to count passing time,
to rule over day, over night.

fifth day began by filling oceans and sky.
Sea creatures that move, winged birds to fly.
God saw it was good, He blessed them and said;
Be fruitful and fill the oceans beds and multiply."

Let the earth bring forth cattle
Let creeping things arise!
And the beasts according to their kinds.
It was so at God's command
According to His will.
The purpose of the Lord to be fulfilled -
and it always will.

the sixth day, God fashioned a man.
From red clay and the dusty ground.
In the image, the likeness of God
to rule over all the Lord had made -
but Adam was alone.

Then God made him deeply sleep
and made a woman from his rib.
God joined them as one, they were one flesh.
Eve became the mother of all that lives,
of all that lives.

And on the
seventh day,
Gods work was complete.
God rested from the labour He had done.
The Lord of the Sabbath day,
Made this day for man
setting it apart, to understand God's Master Plan.

And to remember how creation took place.
In seven days all life was made.
Evening, morning and every day of every week,
Thank God for the life we live, for creating it!