Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 1991 Sonia King

The time has come for me to leave
Now I must go away.
But where are you going to Lord?
We would like to go there with you,
if we may, but we don't know the way

"Come and hear, the Truth I tell,
The Way, the Life is here!
Where I go you cannot go now,
You would like to be there, wherever I am,
Drink my cup my friends and you shall!"

"Come and hear, the Truth I tell,
Come eat my Bread and Live.
The hour comes when gates of hell
Will have no power o'er me.
Lay down my life, a sacrifice for all humanity
And when I rise, Eternal Life,
Shall be the Gift I give.

Come to me, the Water Spring,
The Well of Life is here!
The hour comes when everyone
Will hear my voice and live.
Lay down their lives, in sacrifice for all humanity.
And in a while Eternal Life
Shall be the Gift I give.

The time will come when every man
will scatter to his home.
I will drink the cup, but not alone.
And in a little while you shall see my yet again.
Then I will send the Comforter my friends.

The time has come for me to leave,
Now I can hear you say:
'Show us the Father, the Way'.
Thomas, if you've known me,
you should know Him by now!
I go away to build my Father's House."

(Repeat CHORUS)
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