With reference to this song
"Give Ear O Heavens"
on Deut. 32:1-44 & 31:19-22
John Wheeler
(who has studied
the musical notation preserved
by the Hebrew Masoretic Text,
deciphered by composer &
theorist Suzanne
wrote the
following to a friend of mine.

John tells her
(emphasis mine): -

"I was

Not only has Sonia managed
to capture a reasonable
facsimile of the
minor mode
of the original Song of Moses,
but also of the
opening melody!

Sonia has indeed
captured much of
the spirit of the original."

- J. W.
Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 1984 Sonia King

Give ear O heavens and I will speak
And let the earth hear the words
of my mouth.
May my teaching drop as the gentle
rain, upon the tender grass.

Give ear O heavens and I will speak
of the perfect Work of our Rock.
His ways are just - they are true and right.
A God of faithfulness untold!

Remember the One who made you.
Remember the days of old,
when God gave our father Israel
a land so blessed upon the earth.

The Lord alone did lead him - in a desert land.
And made him ride the high places,
gave him herds and lambs of Bashan.
The Lord was like an eagle - caring for its young.
He spread his wings - protected him
and led his people on.

But Jeshurun left him who made him
and turned to gods they never knew.
Unmindful of who begot them
forgetting the One who loved them true.


The nation is void of counsel
No wisdom to understand the end.
But God, with mercy and compassion
will be with them, guiding with his hand.

The Lord alone led Israel - to the promised land.
And made him ride the high places,
gave him herds and lambs of Bashan.
God did keep His promise that He made in days of old
For Abraham's descendants,
Just as our God foretold.

Take to heart these words I tell you
and teach your children God's Law.
So Moses spoke to all the people,
this song to be sung for ever more.