Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 1983 Sonia King

O God you are the great One above
You have shown me the Truth in great love.
Your way of life, true liberty,
Your words of life have set me free.

With your strength, I can make it through life
and with your Spirit I know I'll be strong.
And confidence in you is all I have,
I'll never walk through life alone.

O God I trust in your strength, in your might
You lead me on through the day, through the night.
You give me hope, when all hope seems gone.
You take my hand and lead me on.

And when I fall and I make the mistakes,
your hand is there to guide me along.
And let me walk by your side once again,
for that is where I belong.

No need to fear, to worry or doubt,
all God has promised will all come to pass.
Keep close to Him and trust Him in faith
and He will never let you down.

Repeat Chorus

In God I'll trust all the days of my life
now and forever, till the end of time
Walk hand in hand with the One that I love,
You are the great One above.

Repeat Chorus