Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 1982 Sonia King

I have travelled to this country
from far across the sea.
I have seen all God's promises,
fulfilled abundantly.
I have seen the golden wheat fields
and the amber waves of grain.
I have seen the summer desert
and the cool September rain.

America is beautiful
from sea to shining sea.
America's the land I love,
I'd love the world to see.
America's the land that God
has given you and me.

A land of milk and honey,
silver waters, fields of gold.
God remembered his promise
that he made in days of old.
He has blessed us with a land
so very beautiful to see
with gold and silver treasures,
and great prosperity.

(Repeat CHORUS)

America's a land,
so very beautiful to see
A land of rocky mountain tops
and yellow aspen trees.
A land of milk and honey
God has given you and me
Thank God for the promises
He's fulfilled abundantly!