Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 1991 Sonia King

God is love - and He watches over
everything, and us.  God is love.
When I sleep -God is watching over
everything and me. God is love.

God is love.  God is love.
When we sleep He watches from above.
As a father with his child.
God is loving all the while.

God is love - and He cares for every sparrow,
every dove.  God is love.
And He cares - as a Father for his children,
He is there.  God is love.

Do not fret while thinking of tomorrow,
for your Father knows the things you need.
Think of lilies growing in the valley,
How they neither toil nor spin.

Solomon was not arrayed like these,
God clothes the grass, how much more you?
Sleep my child, God's watching from above.
He loves you and you know I love you too.


God is love - and He gave His only Son for
each of us. God is love.
And one day - we will see Him as He is
and we will say "God is love!"

Sweetly sleep, sweetly slumber.
Remember the lilies of the field.
Know you not that all your hairs are numbered.
For your Father knows all things.

(Repeat CHORUS)."