Music by Sonia King
Lyrics by Owen Morris
[his poem] and Sonia King
Copyright 1991 Sonia King

There is grace in the mountains,
There is room to be alone.
There is grace in plenty,
in the rocks where pines are grown.
And the silence of the mountains,
Where the winds do softly blow.
Will be peaceful to your spirit,
A peace that you can know.

You'll find rest in the arms
of the pine trees capped in white.
And eternity will blossom,
in the starlit mountain night.
You will see timeless beauty,
which words cannot describe.
Far beyond the highest heaven
lie the secret mysteries of life.

And on high flies the eagle,
with his majesty.
Spreading his wings to fly,
Riding the wings of life, so free.

There is peace in the mountains,
There is room enough to share.
There is strength in silence,
in the coolness of the air.

You will feel so much closer
to your God, as you will see,
when the mountain stands before you
and the eagle soars, to set your spirit free.


Verse 1 & then repeat CHORUS again)