Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 2003 Sonia King

I love Thee O lord,
you're my rock and strength,
My fortress and refuge tower.
My shield and the horn
of salvation lord,
My life is in your pow'r.

When the cords of death,
encompassed me about -
in distress, to God, I cried.
And from His temple He heard my voice
and thundered his response.

He robe on a cherub and quickly flew,
on the wings of the wind He came.
He reached from on high and delivered me
from the torrents and snares close by.

When He brought me forth,
a broad place I could see,
where my feet could never slide.
I lifted up my voice to sing
and blessed the lord of life.

My lamp dost Thou light
and my darkness lord.
Yea, by Thee I can do all things.
Who is a God but the lord our rock,
with strength you have girded me.

I have kept the ways
of God through all my days.
Righteousness has dwelt with me.
I love Thee lord,
my shield in the fight.
My rock and strength - my might!