Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 1991 Sonia King

The sun won't be your light by day,tomorrow.
The moon shall never shine again.
For the Lord Himself shall be your Light,
Your ever-guiding Light.
When days of mourning end!

Instead of bronze, I'll bring you gold & silver.
I'll bring you iron instead of stone.
I will make your overseers, 'peace'
Your teachers, you will see.
The Truth of God you'll know.

When the days of mourning are ended.
The brightness of His glory you will see.
We will say to death
"Where is your sting now?
You will never have the victory again!"
When days of mourning end.

The deaf shall hear the words of a Book - a story.
The blind shall leave their prison cell.
And the dead shall hear the voice of God
and live again on earth
in quite a different world.

Instead of tears, I'll give you oil of gladness.
I'll bring a garland for your hair.
I will give you happiness and joy
Life for ever more in the Family of God.

(Repeat CHORUS)

No more weeping, no more sighing.
No more death anymore.
I am the Lord,
I will hasten it, in its' time.