Music & Lyrics by Sonia King
Copyright 1991 Sonia King

God has made everything
beautiful in its' time.
Eternity has entered in the heart of man, into his mind.
Even so, he doesn't know,
what God has done from the very start.
Even so, he doesn't know, the secrets of God's heart.

Better is the end of things, than at the very start.
It's better to be patient, than to be proud full, my son, in your heart.
Wisdom will make your face shine.
What a blessing for those who see the sun.
Just look at all the things which God has done and made beautiful in time.

Sow your seed in the morning light,
If you watch the clouds, you will not reap.
Light is sweet, it's good to see the sun.
Remember all these things my son.
Before the darkening of the sun and moon,
when grinders cease, because they're few.
Before the golden cord is snapped in two,
my son.

Fear your God and keep His Law
and love Him will all of your might.
With all your soul, with all your mind
and with every beat of your heart.
For in the evil days to come,
who can tell what there will be?
But I know it will be well with those who fear their God.

(Repeat Chorus A).

For God will judge each good and secret thing,
rewarding us for what we've done.
Yes, God will judge each one of us, my son.
Remember these things.

Sow your seed in the morning light,
(the light is sweet)
If you watch the clouds in the sky
(you will not reap)
But you will live, if you will heed my son
and remember all ones' life is vanity.

(Repeat Chorus B)

So listen to the wisdom of Solomon!