I worked at a stereo library, and spent the first £5 earned on a down payment on a Bush record
player.  Inspired by the BBC TV series
'Presenting Nana Mouskouri' in 1976, which featured many
world music stars of the time, I began buying Nana's albums and those of other artists I liked,
Edith Piaf, Joan Baez, John Denver and The Seekers.  

At 17 I was led to seek God, and understanding the importance of obeying God's fourth
Commandment, I began to attend church services.  A month later the minister announced a
songwriting competition for church youth.  Excited at the possibility of winning and having my song
recorded and put on to vinyl, I began composing my first song.  I asked God to give me the
inspiration I needed, and trusted that He would inspire me to write a winning song.

I found composing a great struggle!  However, just three days before the deadline for entries, It
came to my mind to compose using a bazooka ('kazoo') instrument instead of guitar.  Immediately,
a pleasant tune flowed out, and I began writing lyrics.  I wrote my first song, 'Blue Skies' in just five

But it had to be done quickly.  It was 7.30 pm. The last postal collection was at 8pm.  For my entry
to have any chance of arriving by the deadline, it HAD to be posted immediately!  In a frantic rush,
I recorded the song on to cassette, packaged it up, then ran to the nearest post box.  I arrived at
the same time as the post van!  Is this not

What a relief and what hope was in my heart!  That experience was an early lesson in faith and
hope, with total reliance on God.  It taught me that God wants us to have faith in Him to act, no
matter how difficult our circumstances seem to be.  We must
TRUST Him to deliver us out of all our
difficult situations.  We must
BELIEVE that God will answer our prayers.

Days later, a letter informed me that 'Blue Skies' was one of two winning entries and I was asked to
sing the song in the studio, along with guitar.   I was thrilled for that opportunity given to me by
church member Giovanni Carrea.  The recording session was scheduled for Sunday 12th June,
1977, 76 miles from my London home, at Beck Studio in Wellingborough.

Little did I know that eight years later  I would
'job-relocate' to that same town, and end up living
only a few hundred yards from Beck Studio.

All these things I found to be very inspiring.  I could see God's hand at work in my life.

During the recording of 'Blue Skies' I prayed to God to inspire me with more songs to His praise
and glory in the future and to give me the financial means to record them for others to enjoy.  God
certainly answered that prayer.  How wondrous He is!

I find that my songs are particularly appreciated by persons who are truly seeking God and those
who are being led by the guidance of His Holy Spirit.  They are for edification.

My Albums are not available in any retail shops but only here online or via my store at 'CD Baby').  
Your support is very much appreciated.  To listen to some clips of songs and/or to order please
visit my home page.

Thank you.

My first and favourite hymn at primary school was 'All things bright and
beautiful'.  I sang in the choir and learned to play the recorder.

At secondary school I sang Handel's 'Messiah' at 13 and began to learn
classical guitar.  In sixth-form, I organised a weekly guitar folk club,
teaching chords and popular songs. Club members were regularly asked
to perform at end-of-term gatherings for school assembly. During a
musical performance of 'Joseph & His Technicolour Dreamcoat', with
much excitement I played along with electric guitar.  I greatly appreciate
the encouragement given by my talented and inspirational teachers.

The School as I knew it ended in July '77
(an amalgamation followed,
and it continued under a different name)
. I feel privileged to be one of
the last pupils to have graduated from Rosa Bassett Grammar School.  
Our Latin school motto -
'Honesta Obtinete' - means:-
"Hold fast to that which is good!"
'Think of a singing voice like the late Karen
Carpenter's with a British accent, matched to
song styles ranging from British and Jewish folk
to American country and pop, and you'll have
some small idea of what Sonia King’s
inspirational music sounds like.'
- J.W., U.S.A.
During my college years I played guitar and
sang with people of many nationalities in a
group we called Spectrum.  I was also a
member of the college singing group, The
Young Ambassadors, conducted by Ross
Jutsum.  As a member of the A.C. Chorale, I
played Josephine in a college production of
'H.M.S. Pinafore' by Gilbert & Sullivan.  I also
read the text at an orchestral performance of
'Peter & the Wolf' by Prokofiev.  For a year I
played guitar for a young children's choir
(- left photo).
In 1980 I participated in the 'Jerusalem Dig'
programme sponsored in part by the Ambassador
Cultural Foundation and, later was a member of a
singing group that sang madrigals.  I also   
conducted a weekly hour long broadcast at the
college's radio station, interviewing students.

I graduated in 1979 with a diploma in biblical
studies. Four years later, I graduated again with a
B. A. degree in liberal arts
(majoring in theology).  

Music has been only one of several interests.  
From childhood, I have excelled in all sports.
Whilst studying in California, USA, I worked in
A.C.'s physical education dept, training as a
teaching assistant and referee in multifarious
sports. I also coached softball and basketball
teams. In 1981 (after winning numerous medals at
the college's track and field day) I was awarded
the trophy for most valuable athlete.  

I've been a counsellor at summer sports camps in
Orr, Minnesota (USA) and Loch Lomond, Scotland

(- left photo
).  In the 1990's I gained a YMCA
fitness instructor qualification.

I am artistic and have an advanced ('A') level
qualification in art.  In past years I've enjoyed
drawing and oil painting but, more recently, my
interest has shifted more towards photography,
travel and web design.

I was female vocalist with the Ambassador Band
(UK) circa 1986/88.  We performed at church
dances throughout Britain.
A.C. CHORALE - 5.5.79 (San Francisco)
13 May, 1983
Photo images copyright Sonia King.  All rights reserved.
Photo images copyright Sonia King.  
All rights reserved.

Produced CD 'A New World' (recorded
in London, UK).

Produced CD 'A Time For Everything'
(recorded in Edmonton, Canada).  

I wrote two hymns 'Glory To Thy Name'
and 'Be Not Afraid My People'. They have
become quite popular with members of
Church of God organisations.

Produced CD 'In The Light' (recorded in
Brisbane, Australia).

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