'In The light' - 2003

Arrangements on this popular Album are by;
Geoffrey M. Robertson, who began working on
this Album on 19 May 2003 (- 19 years on from
when I recorded my first Album; 'Sunshine &

Days before I turned 44 years of age, I flew to
Australia to record my vocals over a 2-week
period; & to give further input into various
arrangement ideas. It was exciting to be back
in a pro-studio setting.

For the Album cover I decided to use an old

'97 photo which I thought matched well with
the title. (I recall how I felt very inspired that
moment in Castel Gandolfo, Italy when I looked
sunward & the photo was taken on 1st Sep. '97; the
day after Princess Diana died).

Final mastering was completed by Geoffrey on 4
Sept. 2003 & the finished, duplicated CDs, were
delivered to my home the evening of 26 Nov. 2003. I
was very thankful to God for the album & for having
had a great Aussie experience down under!
'A Time For Everything' - 1991

in Oct. '90, I received a letter from Robert Bertuzzi
stating that he had a friend who was offering me free
use of his home studio in Edmonton, Canada "from
29 March to April 5 , 1991."  So plans were made & I
asked talented sound engineer & musician
Crabb to help me out.

I met with Robert & others at dinner
n Edmonton on 30 March '91. In the
end It didn't actually work out at that
home studio so I booked a professional
studio instead.

On 22 April 1991 I signed a contract at
that pro-studio - and that happened to
be exactly 14 years on from when I wrote
my first song 'Blue Skie's in 1977.  That
song appears on my first album (1984).

Now, when some studio equipment broke down on
Mon. 13 May 'Woodbend' studio owner 'Mo Marshall'
told me to again visit the studio on 14th May to begin
recording my vocals. And, interestingly, that was the
SAME date when 'Sunshine & Rain' was recorded (&
Tom had been my sound engineer then, also).

One thing different with this album is that I involved a
group of people from a local church in Edmonton to
form a small choir' (- photo left) to record along with
me in some songs. That was my first attempt at
doing something choristic.

And choristic arrangements are very much evident in
my latest, exciting album; 'Vision of Truth'
A New World' - 1988

For this project I asked for the help of drummer;
Tony De Sarzec as I was still extremely
inexperienced in recording, when this album
was recorded 30 Nov. to 3 Dec. 1987.  In total I
then had only about six recording hours (in a
studio) under my belt.  And please know that I
am NOT a professional.  Songwriting / singing
and playing guitar are just hobbies of mine.  I
just try to do the best I can, with God's help.

Instrumentation on the album includes
saxophone playing by Tony's friend, the late
Dick Morrissey, many synthesized sounds and
also powerful rock-style drumming by Tony De

This album is different in that it is more intense
and much more sobering that the others.

This Album was the one I've learned the most
(i.e. what to do - what not to do) should it
be that God gave me further recording
opportunities in the then-future. And, as you
can see here, on my website, He did!
'Sunshine & Rain' - 1984: FIRST ALBUM

Now, with a $133 second-hand classical guitar bought in
California, USA, on 4 Jan. 1984, my songwriting seemed to
'take off' like never before.  On 14 Jan. 1984, I wrote "Give Ear
O Heavens" (based on Deut. 32) and then, in February, for the
very first time, I wrote 3 songs in one day!  Now, up till that
point in time, It had been usual for me to write just - ONE song
a YEAR  - so things seemed different somehow and I was
feeling very inspired.

Now almost 7 years after I had prayed to God in the recording
booth, (whilst recording my first song 'Blue Skies' on 12 June,
'77; asking Him to inspire me with more songs & also give me
opportunities to record them, in the then-future) I was in a
California recording studio the evening of - 14 May 1984 -
(along with other College student musicians) recording my first
album 'live'.  That prayer answered!

The Album cover photo was taken on 4 March. The finished
Album was in my hands on 17 July '84,  the very day I was
leaving the USA after 6 years of work / study!  What timing!

30 YEARS later
I would be in process of producing my NEW
ALBUM "Vision of Truth" during 2014-2015!
'Vision of Truth' - 2015

In 2014 something wondrous
happened!  After I opened (on 7
March) a Music Programme installed
on my new computer (bought 13
Feb.) God inspired me to compose
many NEW SONGS; -14 of which -
comprise my
NEW Album!

My own arrangements
which happened
to be released
one year later
13 Feb. 2015.

First time
recording and arranging
everything myself.

I did the best I could.
It was one of the most
challenging projects
I have ever done.
Copyright (Music & Lyrics) Sonia King. All Images Copyright 2013 Sonia King. All Rights Reserved
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