'Sonia Sings'

Blue Skies and Blue Oceans record
A vision someday to come true.
Conceived as its' proper reward
First love captured while fresh and new.

Sunshine and rain forever stand,
Tribute to friends and dreams fulfilled
Six happy years in a far land,
A solid base on which to build.

A New World's a labour of love.
Though brought forth with struggle and tears.
No doubt that it comes from above,
Withstanding the test of the years.

A Time For Everything is here.
She sings at the river wood bend
Her voice is strong and crystal clear.
With her guitar a perfect blend.

Whatever befalls us in life
Is part of a purpose and plan.
Whether it be pleasure or strife,
We should learn as much as we can.

So listen to what Sonia sings,
She'll strum out her chords on your heart.
And teach you about many things
Simple words could never impart.

Written by: T. Deveau
(6 May, 1991).
Copyright (Music & Lyrics) Sonia King.  All Rights Reserved

"Your [music] really helps
perspective and
concentrate on those
things which are more
- S. U. (Germany)

"To relate how one of
your lovely songs was so
appreciated and
treasured -- my beloved
husband of 45 years
died last year and at his
memorial service ...
Pillar in the House'
sung.... that one song
was all that was
needed... it will always be
a favorite of mine."
-- B. S. (U.K.)

"I played your [music] for
a Church member who is
going thru a difficult trial
and she said that she
was '
strengthened'.  I
played it for another lady
who is dying of cancer
and she is
-- M. M. (USA)

"I drove to the cliffs...
listening to lyrics of
praise to Our God. What
a joy.  Your music helps
to remove the temptation
of listening to this world's
satanic message.... High
on the cliffs I shared
God's creation through
you, with the sun, wind
and sea with my own
emotions flowing.  God
gave you blessing,
talents to be multiplied,
please, please share the
with your brothers and
sisters.  You live the
words of your songs 'out
of the mouth flows the
fullness of the heart."
-- R. M. (Canada).

"Your voice has such a
soothing quality, your
music so spiritually
uplifting, that it's easy to
see you have been given
the gift of song and your
writing has, indeed, been
inspired... There have
been times when I have
felt spiritually down and
sort of empty.  On one
such occasion I was
listening to
'Sunshine &
and my heart
soared.  I was inspired to
see God even harder on
that day"
-- A. B. (Germany).

"I really enjoy  your
[music]. .. Much success
with future recording!  
Continue singing these
lovely songs.
-- P. R. (Canada).

"We play [SR] over and
over again.  It is very
inspiring to listen to your
-- E. H (USA)

"I think the songs you
have written are beautiful
and there is no doubt in  
my mind that God has
inspired you in a very
special way."
-- J. R. (South Africa)

".. so very beautiful to
listen to.  So much so,
that the words and music
combined to bring tears
to my eyes, so moving
was it."
-- R. H. (UK)

"I always feel that
beautiful music is above
any price we pay for it...
SR really is a stunning
and inspired composition
and I especially love
Time Will Come'.
- J. M. (UK)

This [music] will be a
blessing to me.  I'm also
looking forward to being
able to give copies of it
as a gift to certain friends
who also appreciate it."
-- W. F. (Germany)

"You have a great talent
for songwriting and a
beautiful voice too - clear
as a bell."
- M. P. (UK)

"You have displayed faith,
inspiration, courage,
resourcefulness, vision, O
yes, and TALENT!"
-- D M. (UK)

"I consider it God's
blessing that I
'discovered' [your NW
-- J. S. (UK).

"..it clearly has been
revealed to me you have
produced something of
huge value which you
should be able to
introduce to all the
congregations worldwide
when its young will be
highly receptive to it. ..
contributing as it does so
worthily to the
enrichment of God's
glorious truth and our
-- D. D. (UK).

"Your [NW album] really
helps me see things in
the right perspective and
concentrate on those
things which are most
important.  Especially the
hope gained from
Gathering of Israel'
the encouragement from
'Together, My Friend' as
well as all the other
uplifting songs, with the
beautiful music
arrangements, help me
feel much better when  I
feel a bit down after a
hard day."
--  S. U. (Germany)
"Your [albums] have
helped me very much in
my time of trials and they
still do."
A. R (Canada)

"Your songs are very
inspiring.  Keep up with
your talent and compose
many more of your songs."
---D. (Kenya).

"I am really impressed at
the effort you must have
put into completing the
projects.... the planning,
money and time involved.  
So keep up the great
-- G. R. (Australia)

I truly love your songs of
praise to our God!
-- A. M. (Canada)

" I grew up listening to
your music, and I love
your style of composition,
and especially your skill
with lyrics ... Unfortunately
I only have your albums
on tape, and no tape
player anymore, so I’m
looking forward to hearing
them on CD.
-- L. R. (UK).

SK Photo;

View from
window at
Canada - 1991

"I wanted to thank you for
your music I know God

A friend sent me
'In The
at a time I was going
through a terrible trial & I
know the songs, together
with prayers, got me

I would listen to the CD
every day & every night
falling asleep to it playing.  
The words were so
comforting... when [my
mother] heard one of the
songs... she just cried
because it was so
beautiful, meaningful &
comforting ...

You have a beautiful gift
to be able to sing & I have
no doubt your music has
encouraged & comforted
& uplifted so many of
God's people... I just
wanted to let you know
how much you have
helped in tough times
through your music...".
-- (USA)

"We received your cd
when we got home late
last night – I was so
excited that I played it
right away (after putting
down my handbag and
removing my shoes!). I
have been playing it non-
stop since.

I especially like the songs:
‘the kingdom shall shine’
(which is my favourite.
This was the song that
caught my attention when
I visited your website),
‘in the light’ and
I was moved by
‘I will keep
that it brought tears
to my eyes (just like how
your songs in
‘sunshine &
have touched me).
The rest of the songs are
great for easy listening
and meditation.

My compliments to the
people who provided such
beautiful music
arrangements – it is lively,
uplifting & inspiring... I will
definitely recommend this
cd... Keep up your good
work, Ms King and thank
you once again for
sharing your beautiful
voice and inspiring us all.
We look forward to your
future albums.
-- A. & J. (Singapore)

Magnificent job with your
CD 'in the light' ! Keep up
the good work.
- H. (USA).

I want to let you know that
I appreciate your music
and the CDs that I have
purchased this past year.
.. I was introduced to your
music and songs by a
friend... in 2007.  He gave
me the CD
'In the Light'
and when I listened to it, I
just cried, as the most
beloved prophecies of the
coming Kingdom were
presented to me through
the words of your beautiful

I can't begin to describe
how it resonated with me..,
your songs are a beautiful
illustration of that Kingdom
and inspire us to hold on
to the vision of the
wonderful World
Tomorrow; no matter what!
... I'm so blessed, and
your music is an added
blessing in my life as well.
Thank you for allowing
God to use you in
providing your gift of
prophetic song to the

As we get closer to the
prophecies coming true,
the songs become more
and more relevant and
almost seem like they
were written for our time
now and the end time
-- C. B. (USA)

This one lady... said, 'Oh,
I just love this C.D. Where
did you get it?' I told her
that I sent to England to
get it. She really wants
your C.D. and she adores
your song
"be not afraid".
She said she is going to
have someone sing it at
her funeral when she dies.
-- L. P. (USA).

The CDs arrived this week
-- and we LOVE them!!!  
They are wonderful!  I'm
so glad that I ordered
them.  The music is so
uplifting . . . we sing them
around the house and
listen to them whilst we do
our work . . . Charlotte is
listening to A Time For
Everything right now whilst
she is making lunch.   The
CDs are a great
improvement over our old
tapes too -- they are clear
and not stretched out!!! ;-)

I do hope and pray that
God blesses you with
inspiration for many more
beautiful songs.
-- R. D. (USA).